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E.P.A. Orders G.E. to Dredge Hudson River

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Jeffrey R. ImmeltJeffrey R. Immelt,  G.E.'s chairman and chief executive officer.

Hey, Jeffrey!  If G.E. is the best run company in the world, why can't it do a simple thing like clean up after itself?

AND Jeffrey, are YOU -- during this time of War and heightened stress on federal agencies -- going to fight the U.S. Government's Clean-Up Plan, and thus become a bigger part of the Hudson's (and our nation's) problems?

(Some G.E. history)
The moment when G.E. blinked!
A long time ago, during a different September (2000), General Electric was in the midst of waging a multi-million dollar Hudson River advertising campaign to rally support for the principle that the Company should not have to clean up after itself. 

Until that time, the Company, in all of its advertising copy, had been promoting, the long time G.E. Hudson River Web site. 

Then quite suddenly disappeared without explanation from all those radio, television and newspaper spots.

Just as suddenly, a different Web address began to appear in all those otherwise unchanged G.E. ads.  Its name:

So why this change?  Why redirect everyone to a whole new Web site?

The answer can be found in cyberspace: Just three weeks earlier (on September 12th, 2000), the Web address you are now tuned into,, went online for the very first time. began openly questioning G.E.'s veracity on a whole bunch of Hudson River issues. 
See The New York Times story: "G.E. Switches Its Web Site About PCB's"

So if G.E. can be made to blink, maybe you should find out what the Company blinked at!

And while you're at it, you can think about some important matters regarding the Hudson River, PCB's, and what General Electric Company is really trying to accomplish with its negative ad campaigns and its attempts to sabotage the U.S. Government's Hudson River clean-up plan......

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